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Saturday, July 25, 2015

B is for Beach

Sunday~ Sand- beach toys, sand, shells.  I haven’t decided if we will use our little bin in the house or the water table outside.  Although I am leaning towards the table outside so I don’t have a mess in my living room.  Plus, it’s summer and we need to play outside more!


Tuesday~ Print page 12  I was thinking of also turning the lady into the one from Teaching Heart

Found at Teaching Heart

Wednesday~ Click on the photo:


 Sand Cups 
Either of these would work.  Put wafers or graham crackers in zip-loc bag and have your child pound it with his toy hammer or rolling pin.   I will modify the recipes as we don’t need that many!  This recipe is pretty much all in FROGLET’s hands.  I will measure, but he is doing all the work!!  If you have umbrellas add them, otherwise ehhhh lol

Friday~ This looks so fun!!! Click on the photo for more details.

Click on the photo to get directions.

Click on the photos for printables:

Shopping List:
*sand (clean sand can be found at a big box store like Home Depot/ Menards/ect)
*sand toys
*shells would be great if you have any
*yellow paper (blue would work too, really any color!)
* beach ball
*pool noodle
*plastic sandwich bags (2)
*Blue Jell-O or vanilla pudding
*Nilla Waffers or graham crackers
*Teddy Grahams

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