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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Sunday~ No bin- We are putting up a tent in the living room!!!! We will put out our play grill and pretend to BBQ.  I gathered things that we need to go camping and I put it all in the tent bag.  
*camp food
*fishing pole and fish :) 
*sleeping bag


Tuesday~ Songs- here are some Camping Songs

Click on the photo to get your own copy

Wednesday~ click on the photo to get your own unit,  You can pick and choose whatever you think fits your child :)

Click on the jar to take you to get a whole firefly unit for FREE!! 
We will put paint on a paper plate and touch the jar :)

Friday~ Make real s'mores or make these:

              Get your printable  HERE

Here are two different cute handprints. Click on either one for directions.

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