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Saturday, July 11, 2015

W is for Watermelon

Sunday~ I will use watermelon scented red rice.  I am going to add watermelon toys. We have Melissa & Doug cutting watermelon and a random watermelon toy lol
I also printed page 16 & 17 from Gift of Curiosity.

Monday~ Hopefully you can click on the photo for book ideas!

Tuesday~ Down by the Bay on YouTube.

Wednesday~ Playdough mat Click on the watermelon for your own mat!!

Thursday~ Watermelon fingerprint art idea from Pitter Patter Art

I am going to do the cutting.  I will print out a watermelon coloring page on red paper.

Friday~  First we will practice cutting watermelon with our watermelon toys from Melissa & Doug.

Then practice with the real kind!!

Saturday~ Watermelon Slime found here:

They both look interesting, I will have to see if I can find the ingredients before I decide!

So I want to make watermelon popsicles, well because my mom made them for me when I was growing up. :)  There’s no recipe, nothing added.  Chop up watermelon, remove seeds, pop in blender. Blend.  Put in popsicle holders or ice cube trays.  Freeze. Enjoy!!

We will also try plain watermelon for some meal as well.

Need more ideas??  Check out my Watermelon Pinterest Board

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