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Friday, July 31, 2015

Splish Splash!!

Sunday~ Use one pool noodle from last week and cut pieces off.  I won't be adding the sails lol

Different items to use:

Monday~ Using the empty sensory bin, fill with water and add soap!  Whisk away.
Tuesday~ Water Wall:
The tubes are from Dollar Tree, funnels are from Walmart. 
These are NOT mine.  They were shared in one of my sensory groups.
Mine is not this cute lol
It will be posted on Kinderpond Jr. FB page

Wednesday~  5 Little Bubbles Poem (below)

Thursday~ Bubble Wrap painting several ideas below- click on photos:

Friday~ Wash everything!!  I will get out the sensory bin and anything that doesn’t have holes and wash them.

Saturday~ Water balloons-  make a zillion of them lol

On any one of the days, I may drop some ice cubes into the water play table.


Bubbles!!!!  Let’s blow bubbles!!!!  I got these at Target Dollar Spot. It’s great for gross motor skills, gets the body moving!!!


We have this iPad app- it’s free!!!

Last years plans:

Shopping List:
Pool Noodle$
Liquid Soap $
Tubes $
Bucket/bins for the bottom $
Rolling pin (paper towel tube could work too)
Bubble wrap
Paint $
Paint brushes $
Paper $
Water balloons $
bubbles $

$- Dollar Tree

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