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Friday, May 20, 2016

C is for Circus



Color Song 


Numeral Poem

Name Work- Using large letter from play mat match letters. So basically, take out the middle parts and have your child add/match the letter.  

Planning on this for a breakfast :)

Art~Cotton Candy Play dough

Math/Life Skills/Science Circus Sensory Bin  

I am going to use peanuts in the shell, these circus printables and some Little People figures :)

Snack- Clown Cone Hat

Story-Clown Flannel Board

Finger play Circus Lions

Gross motor- Knock over cans

Math/Life Skills/Science- Peanut Counting Cards

Snack- Animal Crackers (frosted or frost them)


Finger plays-Tightrope walker 

Fine Motor- Cotton Ball popcorn  

Math/Life Skills/Science
Tongs into popcorn container (something like this)

Snack- Popcorn 
If you have an air popper you must do this!!!!  Place a table cloth down, put an air popper in the middle, turn on machine and wait.... popcorn will pop out of the opening :)


Finger plays- 3 Big Elephants

Gross Motor- Hula Hoop Toss

Math/Life Skills/Science Feed the Elephant

Snack- Cotton Candy

Shopping List:
Peanuts- In the shell
Sugar Cones
Frosting in tubes
Frosted Animal Cookies
Cotton Candy
Cotton balls
Food Coloring- yellow

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