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Saturday, May 7, 2016

I is for Insect

In the Binder

This week I used this printable to make Froglet's name.  I took small picture clippings of the letters I needed and printed them twice.  One as a model one is movable.  His name doesn't fit on one paper, so I will print out and glue his whole name together.

This is what I started with:

 I will cut out the ones on the bottom so he can match :)





Art- Creepy Crawly Painting

Math/Life Skills/Science

Sorting real looking bugs plus these multi-colored ones to sort in the sorting tray.


Snack- Honeycomb Cereal

Story- VHC

Fingerplay Baby Bumblebee

Math/Life Skills/Science- Cootie Game

Snack- Butterfly crackers & cheese


Fingerplays- Ants Go Marching

Math/Life Skills/Science- Bugs in a Jar

Snack- Ants on a log
Spread peanut butter on pretzel rod, add raisins or chocolate chips on the end.  I plan to break the rods in half.


Fingerplays- Movements (since my computer crashed, I no longer have these and you need to pay for the download :( }

Math/Life Skills/Science- (no link)

Snack- Ladybug Pretzels

Shopping List:

Paint: multi colors
honeycomb cereal
butterfly crackers
pretzel rodspeanut butter
chocolate chips/raisins
small pretzels
candy coating/white chocolate chips
red food coloring
black gel

Remember to HOP back over on Wednesday for our week in review. :)

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