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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week in Review: FREEBIE!!

So with last week being off, I wanted to make it up to you!  I made these labels to help organize my cube storage.

Click on the photo or HERE for you free labels.

Here is my plan:
I started with bright paper, well because I can ;)

I worked from memory... never a good idea lol
I added V for Valentine's Day, makes sense, except that I labeled the box "LOVE" 
If I have a ton of stuff, not including books, that gets its own box.

I will write on them with marker.  I was thinking of typing them but then I would change my mind about something.

I was thinking you could make an ABC book too!

What ideas did you come up with???

Make sure you hop over to my store while the sale is still going on.  My whole store is on sale!!

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