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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week in review: insects

Here is our schedule for the week. 
I laminated it and then added to a plastic sleeve.
When we do something, I cross it off.
helps keep me accountable.

This was a snack- Froglet wasn't impressed with the butterflies lol

We played Ants in the Pants instead of the Bug Jar 

We played Cootie.

Froglet was more interested in stacking the bug puzzle pieces.

This puzzle was magnetic!!

Apparently we must hit spiders with a shovel.
And yes that is a frog shovel :)

We used several tongs to move bugs :)

We sorted insects by kind, later we sorted by color.

Here are our ladybug pretzels.
The melted chocolate was fine, until I added the food coloring.
I'm so mad and disappointed that it didn't work.
They tasted fine though.
Instead of ants on logs, I made ladybugs instead :)
Big surprise we didn't paint lol
Well the ladybug plate wasn't my fault lol
I went to reach in the cupboard and there were no paper plates!!!

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