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Friday, August 12, 2016

C is for Colorful Crayons

Alphabet Practice-

Numeral- 12

Name Practice- I will cut out squares of the rainbow and add a letter to each color.  First letter is red, second is orange, third is yellow, then green, blue, and purple. Then add pink, brown, grey, black (write on with white crayon.) 

Gather your color books:



Music-  Red Story Bots

Art~ Hand print Wreath 

and yes I know these say play dough mats, but I want to use them anyways lol 

I hope to paint one page daily and then paint Froglet's hand for the color wreath. Today pain the red bird.

Math/Life Skills/Science Color Wheel

Snack- Think red- apples/strawberries/raspberries


Fingerplay Orange Story Bots

Art- BB Pictures Orange Fish

Math/Life Skills/Science- Milk and Soap experiment

Pour some milk into a shallow dish drop food coloring in, not touching, touch Q-tip in some dish soap. Put soaked Q-tip into bowl. Watch it swirl!

Snack- Oranges or carrots

Thursday- Yellow

Fingerplays- Yellow Story Bots

Art- Brown Bear Pictures  (BBP) yellow duck

Math/Life Skills/Science- White carnation colored water

So the actual science will take a while, but I was thinking that I could drop some food coloring into my test tubes (I got some at Dollar Tree) but you could also just use glasses, and have Froglet add the water. I am hoping that there will be a change later and be just as amazed!  

I've done this experiment with daisies as well :)   

Snack- Pineapple or bananas


Fingerplay- Green Story Bots

Art- BBP

Math/Life Skills/Science Color Matching Fish
I am going to color on the clips and have Froglet match.
Really any color puzzle will do though!  

Snack- Pears or Grapes

At some point, I want to add different colored rice/pasta to a sensory bin or I  may just add them all together on day one!

Week 2



Poem Blue Story Bots

Art~BBP blue horse

Math/Life Skills/Science Color Tubes I got them at Walmart.

Don't have color tubes? Print these out and laminate. You could sort in a relish tray or bowls. For older children, simply write on index cards in that color and have them sort.  

Snack- Blueberries

Tuesday- Purple

Fingerplay- Purple Song We loved the Baby First channel!!!

Math/Life Skills/Science- Purple waterbeads

Don't have purple waterbeads? Dye some rice/pasta purple and add to bin :)

Snack- Purple Grapes

Thursday- Pink

Fingerplays- Pink Story Bots

Art- pink hand print

Math/Life Skills/Science- Color Hunt around the house

I am going to hide either the stuff from the tubes or what I might do is put magnets on the paper ones so Froglet can attach to the board

Snack- Bagels with Strawberry Spread
Hop over to my cooking blog for step by step photos.


Story- Brown Bear or

Fingerplays- Itsy Bitsy Spider

Math/Life Skills/Science- Brown Bear Spinner

Snack- Cinnamon Chex Mix

I found this recipe so long ago... now it's lost!  It was from generic chex cereal. I think it is:

1/4 cup white sugar
1t cinnamon
1/4 cup butter
4 cups chex cereal
1/2 cup raisins

Melt butter in electric skillet.  Add cereal and raisins. Coat well.  Mix cinnamon and sugar.  Add to skillet.  Stir to coat. Store in bag/sealed container.

I have NO idea if those are the amounts.  I have searched high and low for the actual recipe both in my home and on Pinterest with no luck :( 

Shopping List for both weeks:

Paint- all the paint lol
Dish Soap
Shallow bowl
White Carnations
White Paper
Purple Waterbeads
Food Coloring
Clothes Pins


Week 2
Purple Grapes
Cream Cheese
Orange Zest (from the orange)
Chex Cereal

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