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Friday, August 5, 2016



Metal Count-

I am not doing very many printables this week.  Froglet isn't interested in them at all, which is perfectly fine!!

We will be counting daily metals using this printable:

Older children could choose their own country and record their findings.  I was also thinking of adding actual circles punched out of gold, silver, and bronze paper, but we aren't learning those higher numbers yet.  I don't think it would be necessary to count daily.

Colors- Gold/Silver/Bronze

Shape- Circle

Number Review

Name Practice- Clothes pins


Story- Color the Ring- in the Tot Pack 

Art~ Handprint

Math/Life Skills/Science

Olympic Puzzles- you could just match

Snack- Bagel Bites I am thinking mini bagels.

Spread with red, blue, yellow, green tinted cream cheese


Music- Olympic Song

It's not that exciting to look at so I plan to just dance and march along.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Matching Cards

Snack- Sugar Cookies with M&M

Frost a sugar cookie and add M&M's 


Music-  Today we are going to listen to the Olympics song again. Today we can walk with a flag of our country or ribbon wands.

Math/Life Skills/Science
I plan to use color dots or cut out circles on my dry erase dice to match the Olympic rings colors.

To play, roll the cube and using a tongs add that color pom-pom to that colored ring.  Ex. If you roll  black. Use your tons to pick up a black pom-pom and place it on the black ring.

Roll Match- use tongs for an added life skill.


I really didn't find all that many "healthy" snacks which I was a little bummed.  I guess we will do an ice cream cone filled with cheese popcorn. So it sort of looks like a torch.

We are going to set up a mini obstacle course. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Here are some posts to get you inspired:

Pool Noodle Toss  

Summer Games



Shopping List:
Paint- red, green, yellow, black, blue
Pom-poms- red, green, yellow, black, blue
Mini Bagel Bites
Cream Cheese
Food Coloring (I am NOT using black lol)
Sugar Cookies
Frosting (I am using white)
Clothes Pins
Tongue depressor 
Ice Cream Cones
Cheese Popcorn

I am NOT including anything that you need for your obstacle course!!!!

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