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Friday, August 26, 2016

Let Go My Lego



Color Red

Trace the Shape- Rectangle

Numeral- 14

Name Practice- Lego letters

Write a letter on different Legos.

Here are the books we will use:


Story-I have been wracking my brain and searching for Lego books... while I was scanning books, I came across these.  I mean I just bought them, you would think I would remember I had them!  :)

New Red Lego had to build, using many bricks.
With a green one here and a red one there,
here a yellow, there a blue, everywhere a Lego. 
New Red Lego had to build a shiny new tower.

Sung to Old MacDonald Written by yours truly!


Art~ Free choice Lego painting
Put some paint out on small paper plates and put a Lego on each plate.  You could get all fancy and match the Lego to the paint :)

Math/Life Skills/Science Brick Math

Snack- Lego crackers 

Spread (peanut butter or cream cheese or whatever) on long Club crackers and cut up some grapes into circles. Attach on top like a Lego. 

Story- Choose a Lego book

Fingerplay- Sing "New Red Lego" Song using real Legos. 

Hold out a colored Lego and have your child say the name of the Lego.

Art- Lego's in dough

I might bring out these small blocks in addition to the large Duplo ones :)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Roll a Duplo Tower
Roll a number cube. Take that many blocks.

You could roll a certain number of times and stop. You could race to a certain number. 

We will play until Froglet gets board.

Snack- Cracker with circle cheese I'm trying to figure out what I can use to cut such small circle... like the size of a test tube.

Story- pick a Lego book 


Art- L is for Lego

I am going to draw a large capital L on paper and have Froglet paint inside (yeah who am I kidding, he's not staying inside the lines lol   That is PERFECTLY fine!)   

Math/Life Skills/Science Match Lego Towers

Grab some HERE and HERE

Snack-Crackers with Cheez Wiz (I think I am going to soften some cream cheese and put in my Pampered Chef decorator bottles and make my own)
I am also hoping to find some Mini peperoni too :)  They are hit and miss at my store.

Story  Pick a different Lego book

Fingerplays- Repeat the poem from yesterday.

Art- Lego person

It was just a jpg, so when I went to print, I chose "scale to fit" option to fill the page.
I plan to bring out the markers :) 

(I don't usually bring out the yellow one lol)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Spin and take 

Snack- Graham Crackers with M&M's or chocolate chips or maybe Rice Krispy Treats!

Shopping List:

Club Crackers (only ones I can think of that are long and rectangle)
Fruit- I have some grapes and blueberries left from last week
Cheese block cheese
Cheez Wiz
Graham Crackers
Frosting or peanut butter
M&M's or chocolate chips

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