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Friday, October 14, 2016

All About Me: Birthday Week!!!!!!!

Learning Board-

Letter P Froglet's name begins with a P but use your child's first letter.

Color Green Froglet's favorite color is green. Again pick your child's favorite color.

Shape- Star 

(because they are the star of the week)

Numeral- 4 Froglet is turning 4, so you choose whatever number you would like.

Name Practice-  Clothes Pins


Story-Head to Toe


Music-  Head Shoulders Knees and Toes  or Tony Chestnut

Math/Life Skills/Science  Mr Potato Head

Spin to build your potato head :)

Put your pieces in one of those chips and dip trays.

Journal- Work on book.

There are a BUNCH on TPT. Here are some of my favorites:

I may pick and choose some from different books.

Snack- Chips and Dip

Story- Dem Bones we're reading this again next week too!

Fingerplay Open Shut Them

Music- Skeleton Dance 

Math/Life Skills/Science- Label Skeleton

I grabbed a big one at Dollar Tree

Journal- Work on book.

Snack- Fruit Dip Because you all know how much kids like to dip things food, fingers, you know whatever lol

Story  Discuss additional feelings people so we can add them to our learning board.

Grab your set HERE

Fingerplays- If You're Happy and You Know it!  We love the StoryBots.  We've had the app for a while I had no idea you could watch them on TV too!

Music- Belly Button Tom Pease

Math/Life Skills/Science Operation

Grab the game Operation

Journal- Work on book.

Snack- Cinnamon Chex

We made this a bit ago and it disappears! 

Story Work on book.

Art- Handprint

Math/Life Skills/Science
Cupcake with dauber.  I am working on a printable for this, so check back here or on our Facebook Page for a link.

Basically, your child rolls a number cube and dots that many dots with a bingo dauber.  Roll again until your cupcake is full!

Journal- Work on book.

Snack- Nachos 
Nacho cheese and chips 

Shopping List:
Snacks this week- have your child pick their favorite snacks

Another idea that some of my friends came up with was to try favorite foods of different family members.  Brilliant!!

Skeleton (Dollar Tree)

Fruit Dip- 
cream cheese

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