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Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Kinderpond Style

Learning Board

Letter H

Color Orange

Shape- Heart

Numeral- 0

Name Practice- Foam blocks


Story- Stellaluna

I only have the three bats... guess who will be singing 3 Little Bats?  Did you guess it was us?? 


Art~ Pumpkin Faces
Give orange play dough.

Grab these at Dollar Tree and have fun!

Math/Life Skills/Science  
 Pumpkin and Skull Ten Frames, I mean, ice cube trays.  Roll number cube, add that many erasers to the frame. Roll a two, add one piece/eraser to one spot and another to another spot.
You could also write numbers on the bottom and play like Yahtzee.
Journal- Halloween Stamps

Just going to let Froglet stamp whatever :)  Free choice.  I grabbed these at Walmart.

Snack- Pumpkin Cinnamon Tortillas

Their recipe calls for frying and whatnot, yeah, I am not all about that.  Cut out face.  Spread melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.  Pop in the oven for 8-10 minutes. I normally do these as whole tortillas using a pizza cutter to make wedges. They are perfect chips! Made them all the time for my Pampered Chef parties!

Story- Dem Bones

We are totally reading it again this week.  


5 Little Pumpkins

Music- Skeleton Dance with shakers

I got the purple/orange/black ones at Dollar Tree.
Tap body parts as you sing the song.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Spider and Pumpkin growing 
They are next to the capsules.  Grabbed everything at the Dollar Spot at Target.

Journal- Draw heart stamp with "O" stamp.

Snack- Sort Bones Cheetos  I only found the individual bags, in past years, I have only seen whole big bags.

Story  Swallowed a Bat

Fingerplay- Move your spider as you sing the song

Music-  Itsy Bitsy Spider

Use one of those spider rings, tie a string to it.  Move it while you sing the song.  Then put it on different places on your head, on your knee, behind your back, ect.

Math/Life Skills/Science
I found these at Walmart. I added the pipe cleaner and number. Froglet will add the correct number of pony beads.


Spiders on spiderwebs I got them at Target.

Roll a number cube put that many spiders on a web.  Roll again.

Journal- Roll number cube.  Stamp that many stamps.

Snack- Spider Oreos

Story Halloween Bugs

I couldn't find Halloween Bugs on YouTube, this one popped up, totally awesome!!!

Fingerplays- Spooky Ghosts

Music- Relay using skeleton arms, play Halloween music.  I am going to grab some ball-pit balls and have froglet carry them across the room using the skeleton arms.  Put two buckets on opposite sides of your room. The arms are at the bottom.

Math/Life Skills/Science Sponge Capsules
With older kids, I break up into groups.  I would separate the capsules and we would guess which one we would get.  Side note: use warm water... takes a long long time in cold water lol

Journal- Stamp in letter H.
Use Halloween stamps to stamp in the H.

Snack- Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats

Shopping List:
Rice Krispies
Food Coloring
Pretzel Sticks
Cheetos Bones
Tortilla Shells flat
Orange Play Dough

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