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Friday, October 28, 2016

Monster Fun!!

Learning Board 

I am going to make a monster pointer to point at our learning board. I printed extra monster from the names sheet.

Letter M

Color  Blue

Shape- Crescent 

Numeral-  1

Name Practice- Monsters 
I am going to print on green paper because it's his favorite color. You could print on white and color them different colors. 


Story- Tickle Monster

Poem Monster Hunt

Math/Life Skills/Science  

Journal- Color in Crescent Shape

If you want to be fancy, you can draw a crescent on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and glue it in your journal or just draw in journal. 

Story- Boogie Monster

Well buggers... I can't find any readings of Boogie Monster :(  It's from the same author as Tickle Monster.

Here is another good one though:

Fingerplay 7 Little Monsters

Art- Invitation to make a Monster  

Create construction paper pieces and let your child create a masterpiece!

Math/Life Skills/Science- HUGE eye balls
I am going to cut up a plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree to make our monster.  You could put anything that you wish on the plates.  

For example: numbers or letters or shapes or colors.

Journal- Roll a Monster  
Look way at the bottom.  I printed mine 2 per page.

Snack- Pretzel Monsters

Story  Monsters Love Underpants

Fingerplays- 5 Little Monsters

Math/Life Skills/Science  Monster Plate  

I grabbed my plates at the Dollar Tree.

You could do part part whole.
Roll put that on one side.  Roll again and add eyeballs to other side. Add together for the bottom.

We will be rolling and adding the eye balls to each section of the plates.

Journal- Glue in Gumball sheet

Snack- Monster Slime Popcorn

Story Monster in the Tree  or

Fingerplays- Monster BOO!

Math/Life Skills/Science Monster Cube Roll

I have two choices:     Low ink version

Journal- Glue in Monster

Snack- Monster Teeth

Shopping List:
Candy Melts (several bags of different colors min 4 bags)
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Eyes (I've found them by the candy melts at WalMart)
Lime Jell-O
Corn Syrup
Cap'n Crunch Cereal
Bone sprinkles... if I can find them lol
Chex Cereal- chocolate and vanilla  (I had no idea about the vanilla ones lol) 
Powdered Sugar

Non-food items:
clothes pins
table cloth (Dollar Tree)
Pom-pom or puffball (like from the shower)
Construction paper

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