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Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Garden

Theme Words~

Alphabet Chant-



Story~ Secrets of the Garden

Finger play/ poem~


Art~ Decorate Pots

Found these pots at Target's Dollar Spot.  We will use Sharpies :)  The strawberry pot is thick cardboard and the others are regular Terra cotta. 

Math/Life Skills/Science

I got this garden cart a few years back. 

I also just bought a garden bag from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Remember you don't have to use the same things as we do.  Most times, you could find perfect toys on-line like I did with this toy or hit your local dollar store.  

Snack- Sunflower seeds :)  ooooo pumpkin seeds would be great too!

Story- Eating the Alphabet

Finger play Flowers Flower Everywhere

Art- Paint with Veggies

Just use some of the veggies you got for snack :)

Math/Life Skills/Science- 
Carrot bin (no link)

I got the carrots at Dollar Tree, I think lol

Snack-  Carrots and Dip

Story   Wishy-Washy Garden

or Veggie Reader

Fingerplays-  In the Garden
Several different versions. Pick your favorite

Art-   Bird Feeder Rolls
I will run yarn through to hang outside.

Math/Life Skills/Science
Add veggie and fruits to bin

Just raid your play food!



Sort Food

Get your food here!!

You could use play food too :)

Fingerplays- Mary Mary

Art- Garden stepping Stone

I am hoping that my local craft store has some :) If not there are tons of plans on Pinterest.

I have a ton of glass beads to add in as well.

Math/Life Skills/Science
Melissa and Doug Food pieces cut them up :)

Snack- Broccoli

Shopping List:

flower pot
Dried peas
fruits and vegetables- toys
toilet paper roll
peanut butter
bird seed
seeds- sunflower, pumpkin :)

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