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Friday, April 1, 2016

P is for Pets

So before we begin school, we have free play. During this time, I clean up breakfast and gather needed things for the day.  I try to leave out different toys.    If I have puzzles for a certain unit, I don't put out the ones I will use different ones.

So this week, I have 2 pets puzzles already planned for math.  I will put out different ones like Melissa & Doug skills one.

I also have this toy set, that I didn't  plan on using, so one morning, I will leave it out as in invitation to play.

I have a ton of pet books I will offer two choices for the day and froglet will choose.



Finger play Dogs Colorful Day

Here is the story to tell you what colors and why:

Theme for our binder.

Music-    How Much is the Doggy in the Window?

Math/Life Skills/Science

Pet  Dramatic  Play

Time to round up different stuffed animals:

guinea pig

I  better start searching more lol these are the only stuffed pets I can find lol

Snack-  Puppy Chow

Story-The Pets

Turtle FB

Fingerplay~ Kittens and Mittens

Art-  Turtle Bowl

I will do a combination of these two turtles.  I am going to use a bowl and then tissue paper and lodge podge/white glue.

Math/Life Skills/Science-   My First Pets

Snack- Cheezits


Fingerplays-   Pet Song Lyric

Art- Guinea Pig Coloring page 

Math/Life Skills/Science

Snack-    Carrots and Dip


So this is a 1:1 matching game.
Print the cards and game board.
Laminate for durability.
Stack playing cards.
Turn over.

Fingerplays- 3 Blind Mice  flannel board

Art- fish art

Math/Life Skills/Science

Snack-  Colorful Goldfish Crackers

Shopping List:

felt- white
pom poms
puppy chow- chex, pb, powdered sugar, butter, chocolate 
Carrots & Dip
Colored Goldfish
paper bowl
green tissue paper
glue or modge podge
green construction paper

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