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Friday, April 29, 2016


Alphabet Chant-


I will print two sets of frog letters so froglet can match his name. I will keep one set together and cut one set apart.

Color Song   


Story~Jump Frog Jump

Finger play/ poem~ The Frog Lives in the Pond 
(Farmer in the Dell)

Music-  Froggy foggy video

Math/Life Skills/Science

Feed the frog flies

I love some things about both of these things!  I have the frog (of course)
and then I like the logs of the other one.  Don't have chopsticks? Got mine at Dollar Spot, or just use tongs. 

I couldn't find the post though.

Story- Lady Who Swallowed the Frog

Fingerplay- Frog and I

Frog and I
The frog and I, the frog and I can sing and hop (hop)
We both can dive, we both can swim (make swimming motion)
Although I can't compete with him (shrug)
We both have skin that's on to stay (pull up skin)
But mine is not green I'm glad to say

Music-5 Green Frogs 
Gather some frogs. Place on a strip of paper, brown if you're fancy :)
Blue plate (either painted blue or a blue plate) or just a blue piece of paper

When singing the song and the frog hops into the pond, have your child toss a frog into the blue pond.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Rainbow Frogs on Logs

No need to buy this set like me because I'm all about the frogs! :)
Just use those hopping frogs to sort by colors and or size.
I plan to use my sorting tray.

Snack- Mint Ice Cream Frogs 
Maybe I will use Junior Mints for the eyes. No hard candies for us.

Story- Icky Sticky Frog  

Fingerplays- Uh-un Went the Little Green Frog

Un un went the little green frog one day
Un un went the little green frog
Un un went the little green frog one day
And his eyes went un un un!

{I searched everywhere for this song without luck :( }

Math/Life Skills/Science
Frog Grabber with Pompoms 
Your child should pick up pom-poms and put them into a frog bin or dish.

Snack-Nutterbutter frogs

Story- Wide Mouth Frog 

Fingerplays- F is for Frog

Art- Frog handprint (no link)

Math/Life Skills/Science  Jumping Frogs
I got these at Dollar Tree.  I will be working on fine motor with just popping the frogs.  You could use lily pads if you wanted to for aim.

Snack- Frog Float

Use whatever green ice cream you got... I might spring for the licorice.. maybe lol

Shopping List:

Rice Krispies
Frog cookie cutter.... (do they make those???? do I own one????)
Green Food Coloring
Mint (green) ice cream/sherbert
Nutter Butters Cookies
White Chocolate 
White soda
Black Gel (maybe... or green instead lol)
Tissue paper- green
7-Up/Sierra Mist
Pom-poms- black and any large ones
Frog toys
Paint- green
Eyes- googly eyes or just make from paper

Oh and this will be used during the week.  Told you I was all about the frog!
The plain looking cup in the front is a set of frog plates, bowls, and cups!

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