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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Week in Review: Pets

Here was the story. I turned on the book/video and listened for the colors.
Here is the pet set up.  
Froglet thought he should add real food so now there are puppy bite marks on one of the containers lol

Here is our p page in our binder. 

Here is a sorting tray. I was trying to find some graphics to add to make it into a game but I was unable to do it :( 
I'm not done trying yet though lol

I have some smaller crayola pencils they were picked by Froglet but he didn't like them too much evidence by the two stray marks lol 
Here is the turtle flannel board. We sing the song in our music class so it was cool to put graphics to the words. 

Here was another invitation to play. 

Here was stuffed animals time. 

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