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Friday, June 10, 2016

I is for Ice Cream


Shape-   I am going to write the words around the shape.

Numeral Poem-

Name Practice- I am going to print this out from A Dab of Glue. Then write the letters of Froglet's name on each scoop. On a rather long paper, I am going to trace the scoops on the paper and Froglet  will match his scoops to the outline.  I will use that blue sticky tac to attach. 


Story- Ice Cream 

or I Like to Eat Ice Cream

Poem Ice Cream,Ice Cream

Music: I am just going to play this in the background while we play with the ice cream store.

Math/Life Skills/Science-
Ice Cream Shop
I have this store and for this unit, I turn it into an Ice Cream Shop!!!!
So I put this up during nap time otherwise nothing would get done lol

There are labels in the inside as well as the outside.



I was so discouraged last year that Froglet wasn't playing with this.  I spent tons of time and energy... then it dawned on me... I never showed him what to do!!!!  After that, he loved it!!!

Snack- Ice Cream Sundaes

I was thinking waffle bowl and many toppings!!!

Story- Ice Cream (felt board or magnetic)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Ice Cream in a bag

Snack- Eat above made ice cream 

Story  Ice Cream Cones 

Finger play- Do You Know the Ice Cream Man

Art- Puffy Paint with cardboard cone 
Here is the concept for the cone, but I plan to use brown paper or brown cardboard and paint with a fork.  The ice cream part we are going to use the glue, shaving cream, and coloring. (Mix together until puffy consistency)

Math/Life Skills/Science Scoop Roll

Using my sorting tray (maybe) or just fill a container.  I was thinking of using the ice cream box in the photo to put/hold the pom-poms.  Roll the number cube and add that number of scoops (pom-poms) to your ice cream dish.  Have older kids? I have these dice, you could write the number words on or tally marks or even adding or subtracting problems where the answers would be 1-6.  You could even do multiplying or dividing too!

Here are the dice that I got at a garage sale:


Snack- Ice Cream Cupcake Cones

Shopping List:
brown paper or cardboard
brown paint
shaving cream
food coloring
Ice Cream Store- gather ice cream items from your play food
Ice Cream
Waffle Bowls
Whipped Cream
Hot Fudge
Half and Half or milk
Rock Salt (they do carry it at WalMart)
Zip-loc bag- 1 big, one small
Ice Cubes
Ice Cream cones- Cake ones (flat bottoms- I might see if they colorful ones!)
Cake Mix and ingredients needed to make
Frosting (homemade or store bought)
Frosting in a container
Powdered Sugar

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