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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Week in Review: Ocean

Look how neat and tidy these are!!!!

 Here in action:
Here how they cleaned up lol 
yep, they don't all fit back into the container lol

So here are our sea creatures.
Many, many moons ago, we used these with large sheets
of construction paper and listed the names and 
students matched the creature to the word.
Easy, simple, fun!

see his jammies???? 
They are shark themed too!
Added warm water.
He picked 3 animals that fit in the bottle.
I have decided that taking a good photo of a water bottle is near  impossible!!

 This jellyfish was not a hit :(  I hung it on the window in hopes he would continue,
but he doesn't.  He touches it and tells me "it's sticky" lol

This octopus was the only toy I had that blew air.
So I tried to show him what to do and it was very comical!!
He smooshed the pom-pom with the toy and tossed it across the table!

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