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Friday, June 24, 2016

Shark Week-- AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


Alphabet Chants- 


Numeral Poem

Name Practice-
I think I need a sentence strip for these. Our fish didn't quite fit.


Story- Shark Poems

Poem Baby Shark

So there are several versions, some are a little more violet than I care for.
Here are some additional lyrics

Art~Shark Ocean Scene
So I was planning to do bubble wrap for the background and look at this interactive shark.... not sure how this will work and afraid that Froglet will rip it right out!  Oh well!  It's his artwork.  So to try to prevent this, I will put packing tape along the bottom to reinforce it somewhat!

Math/Life Skills/Science

Shark Grid

Snack-Shark Spoon I am going to use this for breakfast :)

Shark Gummy on Rice Krispie Bar
Attach a gummy shark to the rice cereal treat.


Fingerplay- Old MacDonald
Use extra sea creatures from your ocean name activity from last week to make props. :)

Art- Sun catcher Shark (I'm a little nervous about drawing this!)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Watch a live Shark Feed

Snack- Shark Infested Drink

Story  Create your own Shark "book" 
I use that term loosely.  Using a toy shark, have your child act out by placing the shark different places.

*next to 

I would also do on your head/foot/leg/arm/shoulder/knee ect. 
I got the idea from here:

Fingerplays- Shark-O

Music-  Ocean Songs

Math/Life Skills/Science
Shark Roll and Cover

Snack- Shark Teeth

Shopping List:

Gray construction paper
Shark gummy ( I have no idea where to even begin to look!)
Blue Drink
White Chocolate Chips/bark/melts
Rice Krispies Cereal
Blue Food coloring
Contact Paper
Sharpie or other permanent marker 
Tissue paper- gray, blue, white, purple

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