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Friday, July 29, 2016



Alphabet Work-

Color- Tan

Shape- Sphere 

Name Practice- Beach Balls


Story- Swallowed a Shell


Print two of the binder sheets and cut one up and use as few or as many as you want.

Art~Flip Flop             Little Footprint   no link for the flip flop

Math/Life Skills/Science- Shells in the water table  

We will just put shells into our sand and water table.

Snack-Nutter Butter flip flops (I hope I buy the correct ones this time!)

Story-Seashore Usborne  (I put a video link below in case you don't have the book)

Art- Glue and Sand 

Draw a picture with white school glue and sprinkle with sand.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Kinesthetic Sand
We have had this for some time now but have yet to use it.  We will be taking it out on the deck! 

Here is a recipe so you can make your very own sand. Don't worry if that sounds too much, just use regular sand :)

Snack- Sand Cup with graham crackers and umbrella minus the teddy graham and gumball :)

Story  House for a Hermit Crab

Fingerplays- Beach Ball  You can hop over there for a printable where you can make your own sheet if your child is old enough.  Here is mine.  I plan to print out a bunch of beach balls and just make it a game.  Here is where I will use extra beach balls from our name activity.

I can't get an outline on the white, but when I write out my pocket charts, I make it outline to say white.  I always write my color words in that color. With all the color songs, I have taught, all my students could always spell the color words :)

Art- Beach Ball Plate  
I've planned it before but you know me and painting, maybe this year lol

Math/Life Skills/Science- We're getting a hermit crab!!!!!!  

I am rethinking getting a hermit crab.  They aren't very active during the day and even though we have a large enough tank, there is a bit of expense for them.  Maybe we will visit one though!

Snack-Mini Rice Cakes and blue tinted cream cheese

Shopping List:
Nutter Butters
Mini M&M's
Graham Crackers
Short cups
Mini Rice Cakes
Cream Cheese
Blue Food Coloring
Kinestheic Sand
**Hermit Crab**

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