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Friday, July 1, 2016



Alphabet Practice-

Name Practice- Stars print  twice 


Art~ Slime

Math/Life Skills/Science

Star Counting

Story- Mini Reader

Fingerplay Stars and Stripes

Art- Fireworks Painting 
I am going to use black paper and red, white, and blue paint.
Make different size cuts on the tubes.

Math/Life Skills/Science-  Stars

Snack- Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas
I might make a pretty flag out of fruit.... I might plop the food down on the plate lol

Story  4th of July

Fingerplays- On Independence Day

Art-  Red/White/Blue Flag  
I am going to *try* to put lines underneath so the lines don't show up :)
So I might try plain paper, not construction paper.

Math/Life Skills/Science Star Matching

Snack- Red/White/Blue Chex Mix

Shopping List:

Strawberries or raspberries
Red/White/Blue M&M's
White chocolate
Chex cereal
Dried cranberries and blueberries
Sunflower seeds
Paint- red, white, blue
Toilet Paper Rolls- 3
Clear Glue
Liquid Starch
Red/White/Blue sequins or glass beads
Black paper

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