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Friday, July 15, 2016


Alphabet Practice

This is going into the learning board:

Numeral Poem

This is also going on the Learning Board: 

Name Practice-


Story-S'mores FB

Poem Smore's Song

I am just buying new playdoh containers lol  
Plus they don't have frosting creations anymore :(
Maybe sprinkle hot cocoa instead?

Math/Life Skills/Science  Camping Sort

Snack- S'mores

Good old fashioned s'mores!  I will make in the microwave.  Although I have toasted marshmallows on an electric stove once as a kid!  Pop in the microwave for 12-15 seconds on a graham cracker with a microwave plate.  The marshmallow will grow HuGE! Wait a few, and top with chocolate and another cracker :)

So during nap, I will set up his tent and then I put this cute little toy in the Amazon shopping cart, and my hubby bought it lol whoops!

Here is the link to the cute little Camp Out toy.

The roll is the tent. The long bag is sleeping bag. I still have to find the frog chair.


Art- Coloring Sheet

Just Google "camp coloring sheet"

Math/Life Skills/Science- Build Smores

If you have older children you could use this as a game:


Snack- Smores Snack Mix

Have your child measure the mini marshmallows, Golden Grahams, and chocolate chips.  So I am just going to use a few of the ingredients from the bar recipe on Thursday. 

Oh I just remembered... while looking back at photos from last year lol, they also have smores cereal too :)

So on Wednesday mornings, we have gymnastics so I like to have some sort of toys out for when I clean up breakfast.  I forgot about this last year, so I hope to remember this year!  It's a Little People set.


Fingerplays- Firefly

Math/Life Skills/Science S'mores Bars 

Snack- S'mores Bars

Eat up!!

Shopping List:
Fun Foam (dark brown, tan) OR Felt for the chocolate instead
Cotton Balls
Playdoh- brown, white, black (we are mixing these, so I am going to buy small containers lol)
Yellow (Ink or paint)
Graham Crackers
Chocolate bars
Mini Marshmallows
Golden Grahams
Chocolate Chips
Cooking Spray

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