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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Are You Ready for Football ????

Learning Board-

Color- Brown 

Trace the Shape- Trapezoid 

Numeral- 18

Name Practice- Football Letters

I am going to write the letters on plain footballs.


Story-Go Fight Win

Poem- Football Flannel Board


Art~Q-tip football 

Print out football coloring sheet, use Q-tips to dot a football.

Type "football coloring page" on your favorite search engine. Have your child pick their favorite one :)

Math/Life Skills/Science

I grabbed this tray at the Dollar Tree.  In the middle, I am going to put numbers and letters together. On the ends, we will sort if they are numbers or letters.  

If your children are older, I use this sheet in kindergarten:
I have them color the numbers one color and the letters another color.

Snack- Brown Cone shaped chip holder- I am grabbing brown construction paper and using a white crayon for the laces.  Add your favorite snack food.


Music- Fan Numbers

Math/Life Skills/Science- Magnet Boards

Snack- Nachos with quesso dip.


Fingerplays- Bring out the flannel board pieces, and retell the poems.

Art-Paint a paper plate shaped football  

Cut a paper plate or cardstock into a football shape. Paint!

Math/Life Skills/Science
Football and guy matching

Snack- Green or brown dipped pretzel rods



We Will Rock You

Math/Life Skills/Science
Football Clip Cards

Make brown clothes pins

I'm not even saying I will paint mine...I am thinking brown permanent marker :) I have a white paint pen or gel white pen.

Snack- Football Apples

Shopping List:
Felt- brown, multiple colors of your choice
Brown paper (for football or tray) and for the cone
nacho chips
pretzel rods
Brown candy melts

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