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Monday, September 5, 2016

Learning Board

I picked up the calendar from Dollar Tree,
but I bought another one from Target's Dollar Spot because
it was Dr Seuss themed. 

I grabbed the words:


I got the weather part HERE

I will add more for the weather later.
We use that blue Sticky-tac to attach the numbers and weather.

I started with only three 
"How I feel today"
grab your set HERE
I will add others soon.
I did color the Vel-Cro dot 
so it was easier to see. 

I started using letter magnets and felt numbers
from Target's Dollar Spot. 

I started this with the ice cream unit and I've already changed it lol

Here is what the side looks like today:

Here's where I store my pieces:

the envelope came from Dollar Tree

Here how I store the weather pieces.
I got the box at Dollar Tree.

I'm already planning on things to add on the side and then the back as well.
It might change to 
"All About a Number"
changing the alphabet line to a number line

Not sure about the Upper/lower case one yet... ;)
The number before and after.
Is it even or odd.
Write number sentences for the "words that start with."
(user upload)

Other things to add:

*Today is, Yesterday was, Tomorrow will be

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