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Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to School


Alphabet Practice-

Color- Yellow 

Trace the Shape- Triangle

Numeral- 15

Name Practice-School Bus


Story- Lady Who Swallowed a Book (print your own)

Poem- Paint Stick Retell

Art~ Bingo Dauber Letter B 

Math/Life Skills/Science

Count the Room

Snack-Pencil Cookie

These are not as easy as they look, but they are SUPER Cute!!!


Fingerplay Where is _______?

Art- School Bus

On their site you can print off black pieces, but I will cut out shapes from black construction paper.  

Math/Life Skills/Science- Memory Match

Snack-School Bus Graham Cracker

Story- Pete the Cat Rocking School Shoes  

Fingerplays- Listen to the song

Art- Decorate shoe  

Print off the shoe and paint or color as your child wishes.

Math/Life Skills/Science 

I am going to let froglet start cutting out scraps. Put scissors and scrap paper in a bin and let them cut!

OMG!  who thinks of this stuff?????

Snack- Mini- Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches

Story Pete the Cat Too Cool for School

Fingerplays- Who Hid the Button

Art-Button Bingo Dauber  
I am going to have Froglet identify the colors and I will write that color on the line using that color.  So if he picks up a blue dauber, I will write blue on the line or I might write the color words on the line and have him match. 

Math/Life Skills/Science- I Spy

I have something in the works for this... STAY tuned, I promise it will be worth the wait!!!


Shopping List:
Paint Stick
Bingo Daubers
Wafer Cookies
Candy Melts- pink white
Black Gel
Graham Crackers
Frosting- white
Yellow Food coloring
Peanut butter (or your fav spread)

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