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Friday, September 9, 2016

Alphabet Antics

Here are some of our alphabet books.  I always want you to remember that you need to use the books you have at home :)  My son loves to read, I've known that I wanted to be a teacher since forever, so  I have been collecting books for most of my life and my mom is also a teacher. I buy books all of the time.  I often try to find books on line to share as well.  This week is really no different.  Use the books you own! :)  

Learning Board-

Color Orange

Trace the Shape- Rhombus/Diamond

Numeral- 16

Name Practice- Cute CCBB letters


Story- Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Poem- Then listen to it!!!


Art~CCBB Tree
I am going to paint Froglet's foot and his hands and add foam letters.

(broken link)

Math/Life Skills/Science Sensory Bin with Letters 
I bought some alphabet pasta at Walmart.  I hope to dye it :) If not, no big deal.

Snack- Scrabble Cheez-its

Story- Animal Alphabet

Fingerplay- Magnet Match

I am going so high-tech here lol I am going to write on index cards and see if Froglet can match them on our oil drip pan :)  I plan to use my big chunky LeapFrog letters... even though the dog has eaten some of them lol

However, I might print these, because they are cute and I love her artwork. I am going to cut them apart and tape them to the oil drip pan. 

Or use the ones I bought from Target... decisions decisions 

Math/Life Skills/Science- Bean Bag Toss  
I bought these at Dollar Tree.  They are bulletin board sized.
I am starting with the ones on top.
Lay them out on the floor, so them make a rectangle with them.
Have your child toss a bean bag or pom pom.  Whatever letter they land on have them say the letter.  Or in my case, if my son doesn't know the letter, after giving him time to think, I will say the letter and have him repeat it.

I will use the number ones and the other letter ones at a different time :)

Snack-Alphabet Cookies 
Grabbed these at the Dollar Tree


Art- Gel Tracing  

Put some hair gel into a zip bag seal with tape unless you're feeling adventurous lol Use the playdough mats underneath.

Math/Life Skills/Science

Alphabet Soup- I am going to dump out some letters and see if Froglet knows any :) I am guessing he will like the dumping out more than anything.
I am going to line a box with felt 
1) to make it softer and 
2) to contain them.

Snack-Alphabet Cereal


Fingerplays- Letter Motions 
I printed them together on one page :) 

Math/Life Skills/Science
Foam Letters with hammer
Remove the letters let your child pound them in to where they belong :)

Snack-Alphabet Shaped Cookies
I thought there were some at WalMart, but I can't find them on the app :(

Shopping List:
Scrabble Cheez-its
Alphabet Squares
Alphabet Cereal
Alphabet Cookies skinny shapes
Rice or alphabet pasta
Food Dye 
Bean bags or large pom-poms
Hair Gel
Zip-Loc bag
Foam Letters

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