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Friday, September 30, 2016

Apples All Around

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color  Green

Shape- Hexagon  

This is BRAND NEW this week!!!! 

Theme Words:  I printed 4 pages on one 8x11 page

Numeral- 19

Name Practice- Apples  

Head over to our Facebook page for your copy! 

Art~ Dauber Apple 

Journal- Red/Green/Yellow Garage Sale StickersMake three rectangles in your journal.  Draw the rectangles using red, green, and one in yellow.  Your child's job will be to add green, red, yellow garage sale dots into the correct rectangle. 

Math/Life Skills/Science

Cherry Cherry Game (They look like apples lol)


Snack- Apple Jacks (Really anything apples.  Froglet doesn't really like applesauce or dried apples :(  }


Story - Ten Apples on Top

Fingerplay Apple Bingo

Math/Life Skills/Science- 10 Apples with Daubers
I'm leaning towards making circles to show Froglet where and how many dots he should make.  If he was older and more confidant with his counting ability I wouldn't make the circles for him.  I am still debating on how to best to make them.

Journal- Color Apple ten frame 
Grab your free printable here.

Snack- Sample Apples

Cut up some of your apples.  Save the rest for the other day's snacks.

Story  Apples

Fingerplays- Red Apple Green Apple

Music- Applesauce 

Math/Life Skills/Science Apple Craft Sticks

or Apple Dominoes

Journal- Color Hexagon

I will draw hexagons and give Froglet several greens to color them, like we did with the ovals. 

Snack- Mini Caramel Apples

Story My Apple

Fingerplays- 5 Red Apples

Art- Fizzing Apple  
I am going to look up "apple coloring page" and pick your favorite one! 

Math/Life Skills/Science
Spin red/yellow/green

Journal- Torn paper A.  Offer green, red, or yellow paper.  Draw a capital letter A in your journal.

Snack- Apple Snickers Salad

Shopping List:

Baking Soda
Food Coloring
Citric Acid (I used my WalMart app and it is there.  It tells me the aisle too)
Daubbers (red green)
Pom-poms (red, green, yellow)
Apple Jacks
Paint (red, green, yellow)
Apples- various kinds
Snickers (grab big ones, so you don't have to unwrap all the little ones)
Cool Whip
Vanilla Pudding
Garage Sale Dots (red, green, yellow)
Apple Jack Cereal

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