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Friday, November 11, 2016

Nutrition Kinderpond Style

Learning Board-

Letter N

Color  Purple

Shape- Cone

Name Practice- Spoons
Instead of matching upper and lowercase, we are just going to match his letters.

Here are some of our books on food... 
how does one accumulate all these??
The how I fit them all in?
Bring some upstairs to Froglet's bedroom,
so at bedtime, we can read more lol
Some get added to our bookshelf.

This one is awesome, because it has magnets.

All  of the hard-copy materials came free from HERE. I just noticed that they had preschool ones, so I just ordered them.

I am bringing out the kitchen, wash machine, plus I bought a chef's hat and apron from the Dollar Tree.  

Table Toys-Cutting Food
This is not a new toy, so no need to introduce anything.

Story- Peanut Butter and Jelly

Poem-Peanut Butter and Jelly

Math/Life Skills/Science Felt Sandwich Kit  

I printed these, 4 to a page... well two pages, which there are two on a page already. So free play first and then add the cards.
Confession: I've probably had this set for 2 or 3 years... it's still sealed lol

Journal- Stamp in N with N stamp. I have seen stamp sets in the Dollar Spot at Target.

Snack- Peanut Butter and Jelly Mini sandwiches
I saw this cute cuter but yeah, my Pampered Chef knife works just as well!


Table Toys- Cookie Letters
I grabbed these at Wal~Mart. This is just for free play, at some point you could add a sheet with letters printed/written on the paper.


Fingerplay- Who Stole the Cookies

Art- Cookies on foil 
I am going to use brown paper and Froglet will dot with q-tips. 

Math/Life Skills/Science- We are playing with our cookie board but here is a great  Food Game for you!

Journal- Stamp a 3 in a 3.
Don't have a 3 stamp?  Draw a 3 in your journal. Draw larger circles, so your child can dot a marker with 3 dots in each circles, or draw 3 of something in them- i.e. tally marks, shapes, dice, dominoes, ect.

Snack- Foodie Faces

We just supplied random food and let the kids create a face. They were given the option for bread or a rice cake.


Table Toys- Fridge Food Toy


Fingerplays- Vegetable Song

Music- Aiken Drum

Math/Life Skills/Science Pizza 

We will be using our pizza food. From our play kitchen and Melissa and Doug toy.  Melissa and Doug just posted a blog post with a printable menu, but there isn't a link as of yet. 

Here are some printables for pizza if you don't have pizza toys. :)

Journal- Create Aiken Drum  
I will work on a printable for this. Basically you have a circle and you add things for his face. :)

Snack- Fruit Salad

Table Toy- Lacing Shapes


Fingerplays- Healthy Choices

Math/Life Skills/Science Food Sort 
Gather your play food and sort.  Normally, I would say, print them two to a sheet, but you will need space to place the food on them.

Journal- Favorite Food from each food group

Younger children could (cut) eeek out pictures or I cut and Froglet glues.
We just aren't ready to cut for more than practice.

To practice the cutting aspect, I will bring out the cutting box.

Older children can write/draw themselves

1 item from each group-- we, as in my friends, brainstormed something that would cover all the food groups at once we came up with a sort of trail mix but pizza would also work.

Extras lol

Roll and fill

I saw this fabulous sensory bin for spaghetti I just want to make it!

Shopping List:
Solid and Clear spoons
Construction Paper: brown, white, yellow, red, green
Brown pom poms*
Tan Yarn*
Red Felt*
Paint: jelly color lol purple (grape) red (strawberry) brown, black

*spaghetti bin

Rice Cakes or Bread- base for foodie face
Veggies/fruits to make features for face
Fresh Fruit
**1 item from each group-- we, as in my friends, brainstormed something that would cover all the food groups at once we came up with a sort of trail mix but pizza would also work.

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