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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wednesday Week in Review: Nursery Rhyme

Here is my actual lesson plan.
I write it on laminated paper.
Write with dry-erase marker.
Then I slip it into a dry-erase sleeve.
I cross them off when we do them.

I slipped the poem into our learning board.
Here is our "candle" aka frog cookie jar lol

Not a fan of the pickles lol

Muffin Man tin.

Nursery Rhyme notebook.

Woohoo!!! We painted a sheep!!

More of our learning board.

Number 2 in our journal.

Yep, one lonely star :( 
Well I guess it is a little star lol

We just used Washi tape on our egg :)

Yes this is a random,
he was willing to paint and this was still in there from who knows when lol

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