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Friday, November 25, 2016


Learning Board

Letter E

Color White

Shape- Circle

Numeral- 5

Name Practice-


Story- I might start with this first and then read the book.

In the Forest

Music-  Habitats Song

Math/Life Skills/Science  

Forest Graphing

Sorting Forest Mat
or Forest Biome Sorting

Mini Sensory Bin- trees, owls, insects, deer, eagle, bear, possum, raccoon, fox, turkey, squirrel, toad, wolves, moose, birds, beaver


Stamp E's in an E.

Snack- Nuts- you know like Pine(Tree) Nuts :)


Fingerplay Sally the Camel

Art- Cactus fork

Make a green cactus and dip a fork into green paint.  We may or may not use sand lol

Math/Science- Desert Board game

Life Skills- Cactus toothpicks

Mini Sensory Bin- sand animals(camel, lizard, coyote, fox, bird, snake) 

Journal-Color in number 5

Snack- Chips and salsa.

Story  In the Tall Tall Grass

Fingerplays- Move like an Animal

Art- Tall Tall Grass
Fold a green paper in half. Older kids can cut using a line or no line.  You could print out the desert pictures twice if would like and glue them behind the green grass.

Math/Science Pattern Block animals

Life Skills- Snake Safari

Toss some snakes into the center of your room in a pile.  Use a grabber to pick them up and move them. I got my grabber at Target. I've seen it in the toys section and the party section.

Mini Sensory Bin- green grass (paper shreds or Easter grass)

Journal- Trace the shape

Draw some circles on your paper and have your child trace them with different colors.

Snack- Giraffe String Cheese

Story Polar Bear

Fingerplays- Arctic Animals

Music-Waxed Paper Skates

tear off some waxed paper about the size of your feet.  The goal is to "skate" with your feet still on the waxed paper.

Math/Science- 4 paper sort  

I was thinking of just 4 colors of paper for the 4 biomes/habitats we are studying and having Froglet put animals correctly in each square. Of course switch ocean for grassland. 

Although I picked up these at Target. I am so glad that I got two! I put a colored dot on each card, so we would know which card went with each mat and we didn't have to worry about what was on the other side of the cards.

Life Skills- Animal Home Clip it cards

Mini Sensory Bin- glass rocks "ice cubes" from Break the Ice.
penguin, polar bear, blue whale, snowy owl, reindeer, walrus

Journal- Where do they live?  (older)


Where do they live? (younger)

Snack-Ice Cream

Shopping List:
Waxed paper
clothes pins
construction paper
grabber (I found some at Target)

Items for sensory bins (if you want)
glass rocks
Don't Break the Ice ice

string cheese
pretzel sticks
ice cream

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