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Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving in the Kinderpond

Learning Board

Letter T

Color Pink because aren't we all thankful for pink?!?!?!?!

Shape- Triangle

Numeral- 4

Name Practice- Turkey Feathers

Day 1-

Story- Hide Turkey Hide  
To make this book, fold in half so the back of the page is together. Stack the folds and staple on the opposite side.  It makes the pages stronger for little fingers.

Poem Thanksgiving Colors


Art~ Footprint and Handprint

Math/Life Skills/Science  Dominoes

Life Skills- Turkey Baster Relay

Journal-Thanksgiving Sheet  
print off at 80% so it fits in the journal.

Snack- Pumpkin Seeds

Day 2-
Story- Our Friends

Fingerplay Going on a Turkey Hunt

Life Skills- Trail Mix and Match
Journal- Triangle Tree

Snack- Blessing Mix

Day 3-
Story  Swallowed a Pie (yes it's in Spanish...still can tell the story)

Fingerplays- Hello Mr Turkey

Music-  Turkey Dance

Math/Science                         Cube Roll   the colorful one

and yes, I have used them all in the classroom :)
I copy one and glue it to an envelope and laminate the whole thing.  Cut out a slit in the top. Pop the recording sheets inside.  

Life Skills- Pumpkin Pies

These are my Pampered Chef mini pans.
Orange pom-poms for the filling and small tan felt for the crust.

Here you can grab some pieces. But honestly, I would just grab some real Dollar Tree mini pans.

Journal- I am Thankful Sheet

Snack- Turkey Graham Crackers

Day 4-

Fingerplays- 5 Little Turkeys

Music-Turkey Pokey

Math/Science Racing Turkeys

Life Skills- Sandwich & Burrito Sets  Bring out your pretend food :)

I am also going to add felt sheets with a correct place settings. Cup on top, fork to the left, plate, and knife and spoon to the right.  It's not something Froglet usually sees and he should.  I am going to trace the outside of some toys that fit on the felt sheet.

Journal- Glue in Indian Corn

Snack-Peanut Butter Turkeys

Shopping List:

Paint- red, yellow, orange, brown
Turkey Basters
Tissue Paper
Orange Pompoms
Felt- brown
Pie Tins
Clothes Pins

Pumpkin Seeds
Pretzels (with the three loops)
Candy Corn
Graham Crackers
Peanut Butter
Straight Pretzels

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