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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kinderpond Gets Musical

Learning Board-

Letter M

Color Green

Shape- Cone

Numeral- 8

Name Practice- Binder


Story- Play Louis Play 
I couldn't find anyone reading it on YouTube :(

This sounds good too!

Show Brass slide today.

Math/Life Skills/Science  Mini Dominoes 

but really any dominos will work!
I grabbed these at Dollar Tree.  OMg, they are sooooo cute!

Theme- Music Freeze
Play like musical chairs without the chairs.

Play music, when it stops, child stops. Move again when the music starts.

Snack- Yogurt Drops
I had leftover yogurt so I needed to use it up.  So I am going to draw some "sheet music" on paper.  Like lines and a treble clef. Place the drops to pretend they are the notes :)

Story- Swallowed a Cello 
Skip the annoying puppet lol

Instrument Families 
Show Woodwind slide today.

Math/Life Skills/Science- String Instruments
You could glue the strings on or leave them off for for additional practice.

Theme- Instrument Sort
Use real instruments to sort. Grab your musical toys and see how your child sorts them!

Snack- Music Graham Crackers (user upload)


Instrument Families 
Show Percussion slides today.

Music-  Drumline

Math/Life Skills/Science  Music Bingo
Take any of your pieces and print a second set. Make your own BINGO board :)

Theme- Jingle Bell paint 
Think marble paint, but use bells instead!

Snack- Guitar Krispie Treats (user upload)


Instrument Families 
Show Strings slide today.

Music- Beethoven

Math/Life Skills/Science  Music Memory
Take your second set from Bingo to play memory. 

Theme- Music Sort
Use these cards to sort in the cards into the sorting tray.  I got mine at Dollar Tree.

Here are several choices to print:

Set 1        Set 2           Set 3          Set 4        Set 5

Snack- Xylophone (user upload)

Shopping List:
Graham Crackers
Peanut Butter or other spread
Pretzel Sticks
Raisins/chocolate chips
Rice Krispies

Brown Paper
Jingle Bells

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