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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week in Review: Reptiles

This was our alligator pie... guess who didn't take a photo until they were all gone???
We used one box of pudding and 6 mini pies.
We had enough to make about 7 pies,
so we might have eaten the leftovers lol

Here was our chameleon

This was the first time measuring, I was pretty impressed!

Our snap game.
I didn't have the "right" container, 
but I just used a green dish, and it was just fine!
I didn't use all of the letters.
You could just use the letters of your child's name.
You could just use the letters that your child needs to work on.

Bead snakes.
I used the leftover pipe cleaners from the snakes measuring activity.

Here are the cinnamon roll snakes.
We left two normal rolls for dad ;)

Here's our turtle sort... and the paper I made, because I couldn't find the made one lol
Nothing needs to be fancy!!
 Don't forget to print it out it's FREE in my TPT store!

We can't forget that we needed to wear our gator hat straight from the bayou's of New Orleans!

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