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Friday, May 12, 2017

Fairy Tales Kinderpond Style

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color White

Shape- Review

Numeral- 7

Name Practice- Binder

So what I will do is bring out the pieces.  Use as a felt board story or magnets.  I want to see if Froglet can recall anything from the story.

Music-  Fairy Tale Song

Math/Life Skills/Science   Count and Climb 

Tube with spoons. I am totally going to use green spoons lol
I will be unwrapping some paper for the tube lol

Theme- Investigate Beans

****Soak beans overnight. Explore with them. 
Squeeze them. 
Open them up.

I've done this with kindergarten through 5th grade.  Honestly, I have no idea who enjoyed it the most!!

Snack- You aren't going to want to hear this... bean dip lol 
See it fits in the bean theme, we're not doing jelly beans lol


Fingerplay Shape Family

Art-  Fairy Dough

Math/Life Skills/Science- Trace Shapes

Theme- Plants
We are going to work on the plants that I bought at Target for Easter.
I will also "plant" a bean that we didn't dissect.  Get a paper towel damp. Place folder paper towel in bag.  Lay bean(s) in bag. Watch.

Snack- Picnic Basket
I will grab our toy basket and put a snack inside.  Little sandwiches would be cute!

Story  Frog Prince

Fingerplays- Introduce Story Pieces
Put magnets on the back and just discuss who they are and make up a story.  Easy, not hard, like, "Here is a giant, here is a princess who lives in the castle.  Tomorrows activity, is where your child makes up their own story.

Art- Decorate a crown.
  I will print out Froglet's favorite one.  Search "crown coloring page"

Math/Life Skills/Science Crown Counting with jewels
I bought ackkkk glitter hot glue to make it sparkle... gross. I don't do glitter.
I will have to see if it makes a mess.  If it does, I'm gifting it to another teacher lol  The crowns came from Dollar Tree.

On one side I will make the numbers. Then later, we will flip them over.

Theme- Fill the Crown
Flip over your crowns and add a number cube. Use jewels or glass beads.  

Snack- Pixie Dust Popcorn


Fingerplays- Make up your own story using pieces from yesterday.  This isn't a by yourself activity... yet!  Help your child tell the story.

Math/Life Skills/Science Lego Bridge

Theme- Spin and Graph  
Look for Part 1

Snack-Frog Cupcakes

Shopping List:
Dried Beans
White Chocolate Chips
Cake Mix
Tube icing

Green spoons

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