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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Insects in Review at Kinderpond

I added the days of the week and numbers 21-30.

I used red mini clips and then plain old ones lol
I dyed the  craft sticks in food coloring and rubbing alcohol.
I only drew on the plain ones with Sharpie.

Bugs on a log.
or peanut butter and mini chips on a pretzel rod ;) 

When playing Cootie, we sort out the pieces for easier play.
I grabbed the sorting tray at Dollar Tree.

We played with these Hexie Snaps.

We played bug dominoes.

We matched bugs to cards.

When setting up Ants in the Pants game...???
So elaborate!

Games are not made to be very durable, so we needed some tape!
Anyways, we put dishes next to the pants and assigned points to them.
The pants were 10 points.
The dishes were 5 points.

Guess who didn't have a manila folder?!?!?!
Yep, so I had manila paper.
I traced a plate.
Cut out the center.
I attached a plastic from those lacing sets from Target.

I drew dots on with a sharpie.
I colored the color words.

We made a dragonfly from paper.

Bug pick up using our fine motor skills and tongs.

Using hand power lol

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