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Friday, June 9, 2017

Kinderpond Goes to the Ocean

Learning Board

Letter O

Color Blue

Shape- Circle

Numeral- 11

Name Practice-  Froglet has been asking lately how to spell other people's names.  So I get a Venn diagram and write both names down and he arranges the letters to spell both.  

Here are some of the books we own:

Art~ Watercolors  This is more about the process and not so much about the "art medium"  I might just print out an "ocean coloring page" I take out the black paint, well because I don't want everything black.

Math/Life Skills/Science   Sensory Bin  

Froglet didn't really like the grass lol   This year, I bought some ocean friends pasta at Wal~Mart.  We recently got some Imaginext ocean toys too.


Snack- Goldfish 
If you get the colorful ones, have your child sort by color.
If you use the regular ones, bring out a die.  Have them roll, count and then eat! 

Story- Ocean Movement  
I bind my books at the bottom so the pages fall on my lap.

Fingerplay Grid Game

Art- Spin/Roll and Stamp
Either us a spinner or roll a die.  The number they roll or spin, is the number of times they stamp.  You could turn it into a game as well.  Write out the numbers 1-6 or 2-12 section off your paper into parts.  Child wins when they have stamped all of the numbers.  We will just roll and stamp.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Water drops in bubbles

Theme- Games

Snack- Ocean Popcorn

Story  I See Animals

Fingerplays- I Like the Ocean

Jellyfish Bowl                 or Suncatcher

Math/Life Skills/Science Stamp the number

Theme- Light Table Letters

Snack- Octopus Popcorn
Some one years ago "made" this snack and it's been a favorite ever since.
Take softened cream cheese or whipped cream cheese, finely shredded cheddar cheese and popcorn.

Children hold popcorn and dip it into cream cheese and then smoosh it into the pile of cheese. The cheese sticks and it looks like tentacles  


Fingerplays- I'm a Little Fishy

Art- Paper Plate Aquarium  
We are going to use rubber stamps to do ours and use Easter grass for the seaweed.  When I made these back in the day, we used blue colored plastic wrap... wonder if they make that anymore... hummmm

Math/Life Skills/Science Octopus 
I am not really a big "craft" teacher.  This is more about counting.
I will cut the body, eyes and tentacles out. I will probably glue the tentacles too lol I will let him glue on the eyes.  I think  we will use a bingo dauber for the dots.

Theme- Tissue Paper ocean levels on light table

Snack- Ocean Layer Krispies

Shopping List:
Blue Candy melts
Finding Dory snacks*
Whipped Cream Cheese
Shredded Cheese fine
Rice Krispes
Food Coloring
Ocean Pasta


Eye dropper
Tissue Paper- blues
Garage Sale Dots or bingo dauber
Paper plates
Easter grass

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