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Friday, June 30, 2017

Kinderpond Celebrates America

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color Red/White/Blue (just hang a flag)

Shape- Star

Numeral- 14

Name Practice- Stars

We will be listening to this CD during our art times:


Story- Fireworks

Poem On Independence Day

Art~ Tie Dye Shirts

Math/Life Skills/Science   Red/White/Blue Pony Bead bracelets

Theme- Letter pop using those paper poppers.

I saw this idea on IG and instantly knew I had to do it too. Anyways, you write out things on the ground using chalk.  So I will do a letter A, a star, letters of his name anything.  You call out that item and your child must throw those paper snaps

Story- 4th of July

Fingerplay Stars and Stripes

I will have froglet punch those stars out of Red&Blue paper and we will use our glue sponge to attach.  If we have the curling ribbon, we will add that... not guaranteeing anything lol

Math/Life Skills/Science- Red/White/Blue Roll
Using rocks/jewels/ erasers and a color die and regular one.  Roll each.  Pick up that many of that colored rock.

Ex. you roll a 3 and blue  you take 3 blue rocks.  Roll a 6 and white, you take 6 white rocks.

To prep: get two cubes  cover the sides of one of them with tape/stickers/paper making 2 sides red, 2 sides blue, 2 sides white.

Theme- Red/White/Blue Sensory Bin

Using those Target mini star erasers, sort them by Red/White/Blue.
We will be using tweezers/tongs.
You could totally combine these two activities.  I am going to print out this game board for sorting.  Feel free to use Red/White/Blue construction paper or draw a Red/White/Blue shape onto paper.  You could also print out a ten frame or more :)

Snack- Red/White/Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches/Cookies


Fingerplays-  Way Up in the Sky

Art- Dauber Flag


Math/Life Skills/Science Pattern Block Flag

Theme- Star Rockets 

For the LOVE!  I so didn't make this up in my head, but I have no idea where I got the idea from.  I thought I saved it on Pinterest... I didn't.

You need a milkshake straw and a regular straw.  Cut a piece about 1/3 of the milkshake straw.  Tape one end together.  Place the open end on the regular straw. Blow!!!!!  See how far you can get them.  

Snack- Bomb Pops- is that what they're even called???

Shopping List:

Tie Dying Stuff 
T Shirts
Pony Beads ( red/white/blue)
Pipe Cleaner (for bracelet)
Paper Snaps
Paper Plate
Construction Paper ( red/white/blue)
Sensory Bin filler (we used red/white/blue rice)
Erasers or Pony Beads again
Red and Blue Daubers
Regular and Milkshake Straws

Rice Krispies
Food Coloring
Ice Cream
Bomb Pops

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