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Friday, June 23, 2017

Kinderpond travels to the beach

Here is last year's Beach Plan.

We have swimming lessons in the morning, so we have been doing school after dinner.  :)

Learning Board

Letter B

Color  tan I am going to color with a tan marker on an index card. Write the name "tan" in tan :)

Shape- rectangle Think beach towel :)

Numeral- 13

Name Practice-                New Sheet           Morning Work


Story- Seashore Shine a Light

Poem Beach Ball 
Pocket Chart

Art~ Beach Ball Plate  

I am going to use those cute squares from the Dollar Tree.

Math/Life Skills/Science   Beach ball 10 frames  or Sandcastles


Theme- Build a Crab

Snack- Snack Mix  We're going to have our snack in a bucket lol


Fingerplay Summer Sequence  
(This is a paid resource, so just talk about which would be first, next, last)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Seashells
I would really like to find some real shells to touch and smell and listen to!
We would go to the ocean every summer and collect shells, now we live by Lake Michigan... not the same lol

I left a link for sortable shells, but the real ones are best :)

Theme- Puzzles                   Aloha Girls         and         BOYS!!!!!!!


Snack- Starfish Sandwiches


Fingerplays-  Waves in the Sea

Art- Surf Boards   
I  love these!  They are so cute!  There are no patterns provided, but she does show step by step directions on how she made the surfboards.

Math/Life Skills/Science Puzzles  


Theme- Kinetic Sand

Snack- Blue Dipped Pretzels

Shopping List:
Snacks (whatever you have on hand- pretzels, cereal, ect)

Sandwich Makings (meat, cheese, PB, whatever your child likes)
Pretzel Rods
Blue Candy Melts

Clean sand bucket Dice
Paper Plate
Tissue Paper

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