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Friday, June 2, 2017

Kinderpond Goes Wild...West

Learning Board-

Letter X (Texas)

Color Silver

Shape- Star

Numeral- 10

Name Practice- Binder


Story- Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett

Poem ABC's of Texas

Art~ Desert Art Cactus

Math/Life Skills/Science  Tangrams Wild West Edition

Theme- Pool Noodle Horse
Gross  Motor (Large Muscles)
Aren't these the cutest???  Mine... ehhhh not so much!  Mine will have eyes, maybe lol  They will for sure have a head lol  Get as extravagant as you would like

Snack-Gold Nugget Caramel Popcorn
Make your own or grab some pre-made :)


Art- Design a cowboy hat
 Search "cowboy hat coloring pages"

Math/Life Skills/Science- Bingo

Theme- Horseshoe Toss

Snack- Lil Smokies

Story  Armadilly Chili

Fingerplays- I am a Cowboy chart

Art- Paint with a Snake 
Just like it sounds.  I think I've seen small bags of snakes at the Dollar Tree.  Last time I was there, they had bigger snakes, that you put in water to make them grow- I don't know how that would work with paint. Put some paint on plates/paper and drag snake through paint and then drag onto plain paper.  This is more of a process art than end product like say the cowboy hat.

Math/Life Skills/Science Cactus Flower buttons and felt 
Don't want to use felt? Use green paper and print out cactus coloring page or draw them :)  The number cards can go as high or low as you need.
use 1-9 if those are the numbers you are working on.  Use higher numbers if that's what you're working on. :)  Shuffle the number cards and use in random order.  You could use dice too.  Use two dice for adding numbers.

Theme- Number Sense

Snack- Armadilly Chili
They have offered some GREAT ideas but that sounds more like a scavenger hunt for adults lol  So we will make some sort of mix of what we have at home- chips, pretzels, candies, cereal lol

Story Coyote Who Swallowed

Fingerplays- Dress the Cowboy  
There are 3 pages in total to print.

Music- Wild Wild West by Will Smith

Math/Life Skills/Science Gold Rush Dig in sand 
(user upload) 

Spray paint some Lima beans gold and bury in sand. Use sand toys like panning for gold.

We have recently allowed toy guns in our house. ehhhh so for the time being, it has been for free play, so this will be structured play lol

Snack- Haystacks

Shopping List:

Caramel Popcorn
Armadillo Chili Mix (cereals, chips, pretzels, candies) 
Chowmein Noodles (hard/crunchy)
Butterscotch Chips
Chocolate Chips
Lima Beans (we have some leftovers from our plant week)
Cocktail Sausages 
Grape Jelly

Gold Paint
Paper towel/ toilet paper rolls
Toy dart guns
Construction Paper
Art Supplies ( decorate cowboy hats)
Toy Snake
Pool Noodle

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