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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week in Review: Ocean

 This is from Play to Learn Preschool

The fishing poles to this game are the worst!
We reach our hands in and take one out without looking.

Those Scentos came from Literacy and Lattes 

This is how it was set up.
Yes there are wipes.
Normally, I only allow black ink.
My students color their stamp prints in.
I bought the ink pads at Target in the dollar section.

We set the stamps on the color we were going to use.

Then we rolled and stamped.
With older kids they could roll stamp and then add.
Circling two set of ocean animals for the problem.

This is how I store my inks.  Yes they are upside down.
This is so the ink stays near the top.
Old scrapbooking tip!
When we were done, out came the wipe and we cleaned them.

We played a fishing game.

This is that Dolphin Game. It's sort of like Hungry Hippos.
This is a bowl that tips lol
You pick the small balls up and drop them into your colored cup.

We did puzzles and play ocean dominoes.

Here are the octopus cheese for snack.

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