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Thursday, December 1, 2016

WeekS in review lol Thanksgiving and Nutrition

Here are Nutrition and Thanksgiving weeks.

Mini PB&J sandwiches

Oil Drip pan

 Cookie Letters

Cutting food

Learning Board

I attached the letter and number cards with paperclips in a cellophane bag.
Color and shape cards have vel-cro dots.
I colored the dot to show feelings because it was either white or clear lol


Pointing with a banana, doesn't everyone???

 Brought out foods that went with the books.

Lacing items.

I printed these and then punched a hole.
I attached a clothespin to the side of his refrigerator,

How I assembled the books.
Fold in half.
Open sides together. 

I underline the color words.

Here are my new daily bins.

I write out the activities on the calendar and slip into a sleeve.
I can cross off when we do them.
Everything I need, goes into that bin. 

 We picked favorite foods from each food group.

Here's our kitchen set up this week.

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