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Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine Love in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter X

Color Pink

Shape- Heart

Numeral- 15

Name Practice- Grab it for FREE here!


Story-I Love

Poem I'm a Little Valentine (broken link)


I literally have no idea how this will end.  I am offering some sparkly tape for the FIRST time. I will need to make sure that I show him exactly how to work the dispenser.  I have had first graders have no clue!

Math/Life Skills/Science  Shake Up

This uses an egg carton.  I use garage sale dots and add whatever skill I want to work on or review.  This week I might choose heart, 15, pink, x's. Then either make doubles or add different shapes, numbers, or letters. Print out, tape on top of an egg carton.  Add items to garage sale dots, stick inside the egg carton.  Add a red/pink: eraser, pony bead, heart, glass bead, kidney bean.  Close cover. Shake. Open. Read what is on the sticker in the cup where the item landed. Close and repeat.

Journal-Tracing Sheet


Fingerplay- Don't have hearts? Use your fingers :)

Art- Thumbprint Magnets  
I will probably just do cardstock and add a small magnet on the back. I plan to give these as gifts.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Valentine Shapes

Journal-Cutting Sheet trace first then cut

Snack-Dipped Pretzels 
I think I will make these ahead of time. Takes longer to dry chocolate.

Story- Little Hearts 

Fingerplays- (broken link)

Art- Red, White, Pink Pony Beads on pipe cleaners  
I am just using the pony beads I have, I am not getting heart ones, but totally get some if you want :)  Use what you have :)

Math/Life Skills/Science Valentine's Match with hearts and 10 frames
I will take out the word heart I will also offer heart counters if he wants to use those.

Journal-Light Box with hearts
Match hearts to number on heart cut outs. I am going to get some transparencies, report covers, blank laminating sheets and draw hearts on them and add numbers so they have to match the number to the number of hearts. I grabbed the hearts at dollar tree.  Thank you Play to Learn Preschool for the idea! They used doilies :) Draw hearts and cut them out. Write number words, or ten frames or tallies, or numerals.  Children match the correct number of hearts to the numbers on the hearts.

Snack- Pink or red heart krispie treats
Make regular rice krispie treats, color them red or pink and using a cookie cutter, cut in the shape of hearts. Make sure to use a low jelly roll pan.


Fingerplays- FSP Pink Song

Art- Hole Punch Heart

So my goal on these is just to have him punch out on the circles.
I will cut the hearts out for him. The single hole punch photo was with the Rainbow Airheads photo from Walmart.

Math/Life Skills/Science Valentine Number Roll and Cover

Here are the dice to use
Cover with stickers (backing still on), clear hearts, red glass beads.

Journal- Salt Tray
Print letters from HERE or HERE   or THESE  
The tray that I think she used was from lacing shapes from Target.
I don't plan to cut out the hearts in a heart shape- I want it flat so it doesn't tip over. 

Snack- Cinnamon Heart Chips 
I've also served this with fruit salsa!

FREE CHOICE: Valentine Station

Valentine Station:
Think pink, purple, red
*bingo daubers

*funky scissors

I might use an old Pampered Chef tool turn-about and maybe a relish tray. Stay tuned for photos on Instagram and Facebook

One must decorate!!

Shopping List:
Ink pad (red or pink)
Beads- red, pink, white
Pipe Cleaners
Hole Punch (grabbed at Walmart) 
Small tray for salt writing
Cheap tape- got mine at Target

Kix Berry
Vanilla Chex
Goldfish Strawberry
Mini Marshmallows
Pretzels- small knots* used twice
Valentine M&M's
White Chocolate
Pinks/Reds sprinkles
Rice Krispies
Butter* used twice
Red/Pink food coloring
Salt (writing tray)
Fruit for Fruit Salsa if you're making it

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