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Friday, February 3, 2017

Community Helpers Kinderpond Style

Learning Board

Letter O

Color yellow

Shape- Octagon

Numeral- 14

Name Practice- This week we will work on just the first letter.


Story- Career Day 

Poem CH song

Art~ Red Light Green Light
Use your red and green paper here. I will be using my red and green wands I got at the Dollar Tree.  

Math/Life Skills/Science  

Table Toys- Puzzles

Snack- Graham Cracker Lights   Healthy or Slightly Unhealthy lol

Story-They Help Animals

Fingerplay (no link)

Art-  Tool Belt

Math/Life Skills/Science- Puzzles

Table Toys- Doc McStuffins Check up center

Snack- Band-aid cookies

Story  Post Office

Fingerplays- 5 Police Officers

Art- Magnetic Dolls  
I took out the pieces that weren't  community helper related.  

Math/Life Skills/Science M&D Mailbox 

Table Toys- Paw Patrol Toys

Snack- Scooby Snacks

Story A Trip to the Doctor

Fingerplays- Who Are the People in your Neighborhood

Sing the song and then ask the riddles and add people to your magnet board.

Art-TP Roll Hair Cuts

Math/Life Skills/Science Sort  

I am trying to think of a way to make this fun... I was thinking of hiding the pieces, but then maybe we will play like a game.  Turn the cards upside down and fill that way.

Table Toys- Bear and other medical toys

Snack- Fire Truck

Yes it will be red. Yes there will be a pretzel ladder... maybe a cheez-it for the window.  Yeah, that's about it.  Keepin' it real here people!

                    Sticker board (Dollar Tree)     Trucks Window Cling

Trucks Game/Sort (Dollar Tree)

Shopping List:
Construction Paper- red and green
Toilet Paper Rolls

Graham Crackers
Frosting- White
Food Coloring- red, yellow
Wafer Cookies
Frosting tube- red/pink
Scooby Snacks cookies

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