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Friday, February 24, 2017

Seuss-Kinderpond Style

Learning Board-

Letter U

Color  RED

Shape- Cone


Story- Cat in the Hat

Poem Hide the Cat  

I grabbed my mini pocket chart at Target.
Do your child's favorite color. Have them color every other one that color.

Math/Science   Stack the Cups

I found these cups at Dollar Tree by the wraps and bags. Cut index cards in half or use scrap paper.

Life Skills- Matching Cards

Snack- Cat in the Hat 
banana/ strawberry

Story- 1 Fish 2 Fish

Fingerplay Cat in the Hat Song

Life Skills- Sensory Bin

I used Cavatini (yep no idea how to spell that lol)
It's a loose corkscrew pasta.
I added letter magnets from Target.

Snack- Goldfish and Pink  Ink

We make regular lemonade. Add strawberry syrup. Stir. Drink!
Use math fish for snack :)

Story  Green Eggs and Ham

Fingerplays- Dr Seuss-Y

Music-  Seuss Band iPad

Math/Science- Green Eggs  
Now to find just green eggs lol Guess what I will be doing this weekend??

Life Skills- Shakers

Snack-Green Eggs or Horton Nest
Froglet doesn't like eggs- so making cool green eggs is out for us.  I plan to make Horton Nests instead.  I will show him the book before we make the snack.

Story Hop on Pop

Fingerplays- Dr Seuss is on the Loose

Art- Fox in Socks  
I will just draw an outline of a sock and let Froglet color it.

Math/Science Oobleck

Life Skills- Sensory Bin

Snack- Popcorn

Shopping List:
Food Coloring
Green Plastic Eggs
Yellow Pom poms
Red Cups
Index Cards
Tissue Paper- red blue
Construction Paper- red and white

Strawberry Syrup
Butterscotch Chips
Peanut Butter
Chow mein noodles (hard crunchy)
Goldfish- colors

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