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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week in Review: Weather

Adding the trucks to his 14 days of Love envelope.

There is another row of green cards.
I was trying to fit it in my smaller
pocket chart lol

 How fabulous!!

Froglet got a Paw Patrol calendar for Christmas.
I wanted it to be something that was worthwhile and meaningful,
so I made small stickers for him to attach.

I used small mailing labels.
I got about 3 to each label.
I drew 4 things from the week.
I plan to grab my stamp sets and see what works. 

Great process art- not very exciting ending lol
He had a blast "painting" so it was totally worth it!!

I am all for keeping it real.
Here was the weather page I added to his binder...
I guess he didn't like it too much! :)
It is still there.

Here was the groundhog cookie and Froglet was 
coloring his for his cup.

Game seemed simple and I thought that it would take no time to win.
We played several times and none took less than 10 minutes. 
Each player gets the 4 weather cards.
Spin and whatever spot you land on, you turn your card over.
I didn't realize that the gameboard was color coded until, 
oh the 5th or so time we played lol

Froglet played this game many times over the course of the week and 
each time he got it out, we played about three times in a row.

They do in fact still have rainbow airheads!

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