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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week in review: Community Helpers

I have no idea where these came from, but I find them hilarious lol
the jobs and the clothes are killer lol

Found another book

I made sensory bins for each set of 2 sorting cards.
The felt book from Target and

Another sensory bin-
most people have those colorful bears...
I have colorful frogs lol

I offered three kinds of tongs.

Still have Scooby snacks!

Magnetic Dolls from Melissa & Doug

Problem solving that the envelope won't fit.

Making stoplights

Giving haircuts to tp rolls.

Sensory bin with glass beads

Check up Center

I have made these twice... each time I try to make
a filled in heart...
each time, it fails lol

I learned to make a heart by drawing two dots touching and 
draw in a V at the bottom, voila! 
Doesn't work with frosting lol

Worked more on cutting skills than coloring lol

Brought down some vehicles.

I think this week was a HIT! 
We did pretty much everything.

Doc McStuffins Check-Up center is still out and the mailbox too.

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