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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas-Kinderpond Style

Learning Board

Letter C

Color red

Shape- Triangle

Numeral- 8

Name Practice- Christmas Lights

These are some of our Christmas/Winter books:

These are stamps from WalMart. 

This is a magnetic tin from Target's Dollar Spot. 


Story- I See

Poem Jolly Old St. Nick

Art~ Love Light Fingerprints
I will print off several of these as gifts.

Math/Science- Sponge Capsules  

For older children we try to guess which sponge is which before they expand.
I break it down to three experiments. 

Life Skills- Red and Green Sensory Bin

Snack- Christmas Trees 
I will put on the frosting and froglet will add the M&M's. 

Story-Bow Colors

Fingerplay 5 Trees (broken link)

Art- Play Dough (broken link)

Math/Science- Pattern Cards

Life Skills- Christmas Tree
I bought a felt tree from Target, but I know that they have them at Dollar Tree too.  Otherwise, just let your child decorate your regular tree :)

Snack-Reindeer Chow

Story  The Presents (download the preview for the free book)

Fingerplays- Santa

Music-  Christmas Songs
I am just going to play "Christmas Songs for Kids" on YouTube. While we play the eraser roll game.

Math/Science-Eraser Roll
Gather your erasers, a cup per player, and a number cube.

Roll your number cube.  Take that many erasers and add to cup.  Filled to the top is winner. Use a smaller cup for younger children and a bigger cup for bigger kids. Make sure you have enough erasers for your sized cup though!

Life Skills- Winter Kids Match

Snack- Santa Nutter Butters

Story Getting Ready  
This is  fun for a classbook, at home, I will ask froglet what he is doing, what mom and dad are doing and maybe what Santa is doing to get ready!

Fingerplays- We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Art-Use sponges from science experiment

Place sponges on paint plates add sponges and let them paint.

Math/Science-Winter Race

Life Skills-I Spy Cards

Snack-Snowman Parts

Give them a baggies with:
3 large marshmallows
Stick Pretzels
Candies for buttons
Chocolate chips for eyes

Shopping List:

Ink Pads or paint
Sponge Capsules
Red and green items for your sensory bin
Small paper plates

Graham Crackers
Green Frosting
Mini-M&M's (save some red ones)
Red and Green M&M's 
Chocolate Chips
Powdered Sugar
Peanut Butter
Nutter Butters
White Chocolate
Mini-Chocolate Chips
Large Marshmallows
Stick Pretzels

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