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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week in review: Habitats

I grabbed this at Dollar Tree.
I really wanted it to be used more than once,
so I stuck the stickers on paper and
then laminate them instead.

Fork cactus.

Game spinner

Desert Game

Snake Safari

So my Dollar Tree had only these two snakes and they were growing snakes.
Not putting them in water to make them grow lol
Since there were only 2 snakes, I grabbed some lizards too,

I grabbed these Glad XL storage containers for our sensory bins this week.
I grabbed the trees from my dinosaurs and the little critters, I think they came from the dollar spot.

The kids are supposed to glue the animals in,
but I glued around the outside and left it open at the top. 

Here was our Tall Tall Grass activity.
I just drew some grassland animals. 

Here were the games that I got from Target.
I put a different colored dot on the cards 
and matched them with the set they belong.

Here was the chart for our learning board.
I used extra forest pieces,
I used the extra pieces from the cactus printable too.

Here Froglet is putting the animals that go in the forest.
The extras are on the side.

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